quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2009

I’m running, almost flying, to meet you. You don’t know the size of the hole that you dug in my heart, kay? I missed you! I really did. Actually .. still missing. Now, everything reminds me of you, the sunflowers, the wind, even the grass and the stupid birds! Even that stupid rock right there reminds me of you, and the rock is staring at me! I’m dying to hug you again, dying to hear your laugh, dying to hum our favorite song.. You shouldn’t have left me like that, I don’t care if you were dying to go abroad, what a stupid idea.

I’m almost there.. where did you say that we should met anyway? At some restaurant, right? Hey, is that you with a dog right there?! Wait, you don’t have a dog.. HEY, is that you waving to me? Ohmygod, it’s you! Fuckyou! I missed you like.. I’m gonna hug you and it’s gonna hurt so bad, you deserve it! I’m so evil!

- Why did you take so long?!

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D. disse...

só uma coisa,o que é:
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A. disse...

isso é o blog se revoltando contra mim. geez. brigada.

I! disse...

I love your title picture and your moment picture.