sábado, 21 de agosto de 2010


You: i know i'm just a stranger on the internet, but if u know about the brainwash thing, why r u there? cant u..like.. give up?
You: i mean..it doesnt really matters if its a job, u cant mess with life
Stranger: Christ I'm just a fucking monster
Stranger: Ann, you've really opened my eyes
You: its gonna be fine, u can change things, u just have to get outta there
Stranger: im gunna move somewhere far away from Britain when I get home
Stranger: they've just fucked with our heads
Stranger: the bastards
You: please,be safe
Stranger: you should see me now a royal marine crying his eyes out
You: u are a human, u are made to cry
You: tu hurt, to be hurt, to forgive and to get over
Stranger: if I met u I would hug u and say thank you
You: i'm about to cry too
Stranger: really?
You: u shouldnt make little girls cry, u know?
Stranger: ur not a little girl, u r a fantastic woman
Stranger: this would be a story to your friends, a marine fucks everything up and cries
Stranger: i just wanna get home
Stranger: 5 months down 7 to go
You: u're strong enough. u can handle it
You: dont let anyone harm u in any way
Stranger: u changed me for the better
Stranger: thank you
You: thank you

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